I would like to start with a special thanks to all those who attended and spoke at AMPRAW last month and made the event such a success.

The next important stage is to receive your feedback – both about how this conference went/what improvements would you suggest and about what the direction of the conference should take in the future.

In the closing discussion Jenny and Tassos set out that we plan to open up next years conference for bids from other Universities (AMPRAW 2011 was technically hosted collaboratively by the University of London but we would like to move towards a host institution model of the AMPAL/AMPAH type) who may be interested in hosting.  This process will take place in Febuary/March this year.  Again, we would be interested in your feedback on this.

Once again thanks to all who attended and we are looking forward to seeing you next time.  Please continue to use this blog to post comments and thoughts.