Please click on the links below to view the abstracts for this year’s papers:

Jarrid K. Looney, ‘We Don’t Know Any Other Existence, An Existential Analysis of Euripides’ Hippolytos’

Emma Cole, ‘The Method Behind The Madness: Katie Mitchell, Stanislavski, and the Classics’

Valerie Hannon Smitherman, ‘Re-presenting and Re-evaluating Eumenides’

Catherine Burke, ‘The Reception of Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey in Simone Weil and Rachel Bespaloff’

Wendy Sijnesael, ‘Between Materiality and Imagination: Alma-Tadema’s Engagement with his Collection in Depictions of Antiquities and Modern Objets d’Art’

Richard Warren, ‘Tacitus’ Annals and Histories in Nineteenth-century Art’

Vicky Donnellan, ‘Classics in UK Museums: What Do the Visitors Think?’

Matthew Chalmers, ‘Euripides, Clement of Alexandria and Eusebius; Reshaping and Discarding the Pieces of the Crown Brought to Artemis’

Laura Ellen Joyce, ‘The Locus Inamoenus: Ovid’s Unpleasant Places and 21st Century Fiction’

Niels Grotum Sørensen, ‘The Lowest Form of Flattery: Subverting the Roman Epic in Eighteenth-century Scandinavia’

James Taylor, ‘The Temptation of Classics: Auden’s pre-Horatian Poetic Career’

Emma Southon, ‘Caligula and Drusilla in the Modern Imagination’